Get to Know Mayfield Properties

Since 2010, Mayfield Properties, LP, has served as a Texas limited partnership that was formed to acquire industrial and commercial properties in major markets throughout the Southern half of the United States.

Mayfield Properties looks for warehouse, industrial, and distribution properties that are valued between $4 million and $100 million and located in established industrial markets in the largest metropolitan cities in the Southwest, Southeast, and Midwest regions in the U.S. Mayfield Properties is also focused on obtaining assets below their replacement cost and that have sustained functionality.

Going on eight years of experience, Mayfield Properties has already acquired more than 7.5 million square feet of pre-existing industrial assets in cities such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Memphis.

Experience and expertise are on the side of Mayfield Properties because of its partnerships, ownership, and sponsors. The General Partner of Mayfield Properties, LP, is Mayfield Property Company, LLC, which is 100 percent owned and operated by the Sponsors that have more than 60 years of combined experience in real estate.

To ensure that the highest standards are upheld and expectations are met after an industrial or commercial property are acquired, Mayfield Properties outsources all leasing and property management to the most effective local team available for that particular market.

And to facilitate long-term growth, Mayfield Properties’ Sponsors always diligently manage each leasing and capital decision.

Much of the success of Mayfield Properties stems from the company’s investment strategy. Mayfield Properties believes that investors deserve focus and transparency. Industrial real estate has proven to be a solid investment with risk-adjusted returns, and Mayfield Properties has the experience to manage those returns and the risk of the initial investment.

Mayfield properties is focused, connected, and capitalized when it comes to acquiring warehouse, industrial, or commercial properties that meet the following criteria:

  • $4 million to $100 million in value
  • 100,000-350,000-square-foot buildings
  • Ceilings that clear heights of 18-32 feet
  • At least 5 to 20 percent office finish of the total building square feet
  • Single or multi-tenant assets and portfolios
  • Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Indiana are all states that have markets that Mayfield Properties targets

Mayfield Properties headquarters is located in the Cedar Maple Plaza II off of Cedar Springs Road in Dallas, Texas. To contact Mayfield Properties, call James W. Jones at 214-722-5611 or send him an email at for more information about this industrial and commercial property acquisition company.